About Us

Sooksei Summation Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Design, procurement, construction and installation services for electrical and mechanical industrial complex
by a team of experts and expertise to those with experience in the design and project management for more than 10 years
by the code of ethics of engineers to meet administered by a customer the administration is integrated
created as an offer or a transcription of that experience to their customers to first understand it before you begin to change
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Company History


The company is committed to the development of electrical and mechanical systems to realize the energy savings to support
the growth of the industry and the company is trying to supply power equipment to offer an alternative to customers.


The company is aware of the property ceases to be economical and provide maximum value.


The Company's management as follows.

  1. Budget to meet the cost of the customer.
  2. Management team personnel from design through installation process for the highest quality before delivery to the customer.
  3. Time management, project design and completion time before delivery to the customer.
  4. Consult with clients to find an integrated solution.
  5. After-sales service to customers as a professional entity.




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Product and services

The company provides design, procurement, construction and installation of electrical and mechanical industrial unified by a team of experts and specialists experienced in the design and project management for more than 10 years of service the following business types.

  • Industrial factory Electronic industries. And computer parts.
  • Hospitals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Factory Publishing. And packaging.
  • Factories Food and laboratories.
  • Automotive industry. And spray paint.
  • Other